Steve Arlinghaus

Welcome to the Housing Authority of Covington (HAC)!  I accepted the role of Executive Director in July 2018.  Unknown to me at the time was the genuine care and concern of agency staff that are truly energized to make a difference in the lives of our residents!

However, I soon learned the agency faced a variety of challenges.  Insufficient staffing and inefficient operating procedures led to a variety of issues. Many of these problems were inherited from previous administrations. 

Much has changed since July 2018!  A positive relationship exists between our staff and the Board of Commissioners.  Staffing levels continue to increase to meet demand.  Government housing inspectors have recognized the improvements in our communities.  Independent auditors have recognized improvements in our accounting procedures.  System and website improvements are under way and staff pride as an agency has risen.  We are changing our story and are able to deliver positive messages to the community.

To coincide with these positive changes, we launched a new brand strategy and logo.  You will see the tagline “Better Futures” now appearing in our communications.  As a result of all the positive changes being made at the agency, as well as our dedicated staff poised to serve our residents and community, we do believe opportunities abound for better futures!  As we strengthen and expand our partnerships in the community, our primary goal is to be recognized as an asset to the positive changes being made in Covington.

You may not be aware but our agency offers many programs and support services for our residents, with the goal to provide opportunities for “Better Futures.” The HUD/Jobs Plus Program provides opportunities for City Heights’ residents who want a better life for themselves and their families.  Under the Jobs Plus program, we are seeing both unemployed and part-time employed residents gaining employment and experiencing increases in household income.  Equally important, Jobs Plus program enrollees who enjoy increased earnings may also be eligible for lower housing costs. Other important resident programs include, but are not limited to, our on-site job readiness program, GLASS (Get Learning and Start Succeeding), as well as our summer youth programs.  Please see the Resident Services tab for more information on the programs we offer and the agencies we partner with to serve our residents! 

While we have much to be proud of over the past 1 ½ years, much more needs to be done.  Many plans are on the horizon for additional site improvements.  Among them, new security lighting and equipment for our largest communities are expected by the summer/fall of 2020. 

We are also in the infancy stages of a Demo-Dispo project for the City Heights community.  A physical needs assessment in the fall 2019 by an independent evaluator determined the community obsolete.  The project is expected to take several years.  A resident relocation plan and phased demolition of the buildings will be developed.  We will be working closely with Consultants to conduct market studies that identify the area’s housing needs, what our future holds, and what role we will play.  We anticipate working closely with the City of Covington to develop a viable plan that brings pride in serving our residents and the greater Covington community.

Our door is always open to new ideas and partnerships.  Please join us in working toward “Better Futures” for our community!