Family Support Services

The Housing Authority of Covington’s Resident Services Department offers a variety of support services for eligible families residing in Covington public housing. Experienced staff and case managers work with each family to identify needs, develop strategies, and offer follow-up services to ensure success. For more information on any HAC Family Support Services, contact Jennifer Bennett, Manager of Family Support Services at 859-292-3260.

New Opportunity:  HAC is currently partnering with Children's Inc. to offer a new program to provide your family with quality child care and a flexible dollar account each semester you are enrolled in and attending job training or school.  Our goal is to help you get the education and skills you need while enrolling your child in quality child care where they are learning every day too.  We want to help both parents and children succeed!  If recent changes in child care subsidies has affected your family, please call us ASAP to discuss this opportunity with you.

Adult Education (GED) : HAC refers interested adults to Gateway Community and Technical College’s Urban Center, 525 Scott Blvd., Covington, KY 41011, for academic assessment and adult education classes. In addition, HAC also offers residents one-on-one tutoring to further support the adult education process.

Vocational Certificates/Job Training : HAC works with more than five local organizations to offer industry- specific job training programs, including:

  • Construction
  • Health Care / Medical Assisting / Certified Nurses Aides (C.N.A.)
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Services, including Customer Service
  • Transportation / Logistics

Additional industry specific training is offered by several local public and private colleges.

Job Search Assistance : HAC can link residents with many job search assistance programs. Some of the job search assistance services offered include resume development, interviewing skills, job coaching, and disability supports. We also collaborate with local agencies who supply monthly job listings.

Life Skills Programs : Our experience has shown that before a person can be stable at work, they have to feel stable in their home life. HAC offers a comprehensive life skills programs designed to strengthen individuals and families from the inside-out.

Get Learning and Start Succeeding / GLASS

This Kentucky Housing award winning program was first conceived in 2005 and was created to provide a customized, holistic approach for at-risk families by:

  • identifying individual barriers to self-sufficiency
  • assisting with personal, educational and vocational goal setting
  • providing tools and support systems to achieve success

Specifically, the GLASS program provides resources for:

  • Vocational evaluations to identify barriers to employment
  • Self-awareness and life skills classes
  • Work readiness classes
  • Math and literacy support programs
  • Basic computer skills classes

Case management/support for:

  • State IDs, Birth Certificates, Social Security
  • GED registration and testing
  • college admissions
  • career counseling and employment support
  • personal/family counseling
  • referrals for financial assistance

To date, more than 70% of GLASS program graduates have gone on to either continue their educations and/or found employment. In addition, more than 20 community partners have collaborated on the GLASS program since inception.


***A Special Thanks to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Women's Fund***

Parenthood Programs

Strong families begin with strong parenting skills. As a result, HAC offers many parenting support programs, both on site and off-site, that are affiliated with several local and national partnering organizations. These programs include:

  • Healthy Moms & Babes
  • Baby College
  • Fathering Healthy Families And more!

Money Management Programs

The HAC also supports families through on and off-site programs and referrals to local agencies that specialize in helping families achieve financial stability. Some of the financial support programs and services offered include:

  • Budgeting and money management
  • Credit counseling
  • Saving and asset building
  • Homeownership and home buyer classes
  • Eviction prevention
  • Income tax preparation And more!

Resident Leadership Training Programs

Strong neighborhoods are the results of strong leadership. Strong resident association groups start with members who not only care about their community but have the stamina and skills to advocate effectively for their community. The HAC is pleased to offer resident leadership development programs for interested residents who would like to build their in the areas of planning, fiscal responsibility, and community engagement. Residents interested in the leadership training program must register and participate in an interview process. Space is limited.

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Family Self Sufficiency Program

The Housing Authority of Covington, KY began its new FSS Program on January 1, 2012 with the goal of assisting public housing residents to become self-sufficient, and welfare-free through full time employment. The FSS Program provides comprehensive support services   that combine housing assistance with individualized community services that help families to reach their goals. This will be accomplished through education, vocational training, job readiness, financial literacy and credit repair counseling, pre-home ownership education and counseling, and life skills classes such as parenting skills, home management, early childhood development, health education, and nutrition.

As part of the FSS Program, the Housing Authority of Covington will offer financial incentives to encourage participation and enhance the participant’s ability to achieve self-sufficiency. We will establish an FSS Interest-bearing Escrow Account for each eligible participating family to off-set any increases in rent as a result of their increased income due to employment, in accordance with HUD guidelines.
For more information and to enroll in the FSS Program, please contact: 

April Rivera, MSW

FSS Coordinator

Housing Authority of Covington

2940 Madison Avenue

Covington, KY 41015


Phone: 859.292.2404





Health Support Services

Healthy communities thrive…..The Housing Authority of Covington NOW offers health services for those who qualify. Take part in improving your health through prevention, education, and eating well.