Elderly Services


If you’re an elderly citizen of limited means with few support systems, day to day life may be lonely and worrisome. But thanks to the foresight of community and government officials, there is a place for help.

Golden Tower and Academy Flats are residential facilities for low-income senior citizens and disabled adults in Covington, KY. Established in the late 1960’s, it offers safe, comfortable and affordable apartment living with the convenience and amenities of many more expensive facilities. Through excellent facility management and social resident led programs, elderly and disabled residents are able to live and independent, active life as long as possible.

 The Elderly/Disabled Program has three primary goals:               

  1. Improve health and physical capacity
  2. Provide linkages to community resources and services
  3. Improve mental and emotional well being

Daily Living Supports

Elderly/disabled residents have access to a wide variety of programs and services to help maintain their independence, including:

  • Weekday meal program                                             GOLDEN TOWER CALENDAR OF EVENTS 
  • Health & wellness education                                      (Residents Only)
  • Resident led social activities                                      GOLDEN YEARS NEWSLETTER
  • Emergency response services
  • Transportation for group outings
  • Support coordination and referral services