Frequently Asked Questions

Complaints should always be directed to the employee with direct responsibility for the issue in question.  If resolution cannot be reached through the immediate Supervisor or Department Director, a resident should review their options using the Housing Authority Grievance Procedure.  A copy of this procedure is available in each of the on-site management offices.

Because appliances are prone to breakage, Housing Authority's must create a policy that requires their repair within a given time frame. In this case, refrigerators are to be repaired within 48 hours beginning with the time you report the need for repair. Because the provided time has not yet elapsed, the Housing Authority will not be responsible for your damaged groceries.

Rent payments are due in full on or before the 1st calendar day of each month.

The purpose of federally subsidized housing is to provide housing that is affordable by low income households, regardless of their income. Because rents are calculated based on the income earned by households, the actual rent charged varies among all public housing residents. To see some examples of various rent calculations, click here.

The Housing Authority of Covington operates conventional housing units. We are not affiliated with the Section 8 program. If you are interested in locating a landlord who will accept your portable voucher, you should contact the City of Covington Housing Department at (859) 292-2188 or email them at

While odors can be the result of many things (poor housekeeping is certainly one), we have found that often times a dry sewer trap is the cause of the situation you described. Try pouring a cup or two of water in all of your appliances such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and washing machine drains.

To learn more about bed bugs you can visit a variety of web sites. One of our favorites is maintained by the University of Kentucky.

The Housing Authority of Covington will not allow you to move in when you have had a recent or active bed bug infestation. You will need to work with your landlord and appropriate City and County departments and agencies to eliminate your bed bug problem.