The Housing Authority of Covington is committed to creating better neighborhoods by innovatively providing diverse housing opportunities for individuals and families in partnership with the greater community. These communities are focused on opportunities for our residents to flourish by achieving self sufficiency.




The Housing Authority of Covington will do this by ensuring that its housing and community development staff have the leadership skills, education, information and tools to serve the community in a rapidly changing environment.  They will be challenged to look beyond conventional programs and embrace both new opportunities and new partners.


The Housing Authority of Covington will foster the highest standards of ethical conduct, service and accountability.  Ethics will be at the core of the HAC decision making process.  Decisions by leadership will take into account and reflect a concern for the interests and well being of all stakeholders.


The Housing Authority of Covington will adhere to and promote excellence in design, construction and management, demonstrating that quality, affordable homeownership and rental homes are achievable.


Emphasis will be placed on energy efficient, accessible, healthy and ecologically friendly homes with appropriate amenities.  Neighborhood cohesion will be fostered through multiuse developments comprised of retail, office and residential units.  Shopping will be available locally with retail establishments that serve both the local neighborhood and the larger community.  Community accessibility will be the result of well-planned sidewalks, bike paths, green spaces and convenient, affordable public transportation.


The Housing Authority of Covington will reach out to others who share a concern for the future of our residents.  A forceful and continuous effort of political engagement, community organizing and advocacy will be needed to affect public policy and spending priorities.  We will increase public awareness of our goals and the Housing Authority of Covington will build interdependent partnerships with civic organizations, educational institutions and governments that have the foresight and will to make this vision a reality in our neighborhoods and community.


Self Sufficiency

Families holding themselves accountable to secure the tools and resources needed for breaking the cycle of poverty and providing a future not dependent on government assistance.