Housing Authority of Covington: Past, Present and Future

The Housing Authority of Covington is committed to creating better neighborhoods by innovatively providing diverse housing opportunities for individuals and families in partnership with the greater community. These communities are focused on opportunities for our residents to flourish by achieving self sufficiency. 


Current Development

The Hope VI Project

(River's Edge at Eastside Pointe)

The redevelopment of Jacob Price consists of 120 units and include the replacement of the infrastructure through-out the site, including new utilities, sidewalks, bike racks, streetscaping, and a picnic area making it a walkable and inviting community.



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  • Latonia Terrace
    Latonia Terrace

  • City Heights
    City Heights

  • The Golden Tower
    Golden Tower


HOPE VI/Phase IV Homeownership: Building the American Dream

Owning your own home has always been the "American Dream".  A home can provide a sense of family, place and pride.  But finding a home that's affordable can be challenging and understanding how to finance a home can be overwhelming!! Fortunately, the HOPE VI Homeownership Program can help!  

Nine new, affordable homes are available for sale in East Covington. Located on both 10th and Robbins Streets, between Greenup and Prospect Streets, these newly constructed, energy efficient homes are made possible through funding from the HUD/HOPE VI Jacob Price Revitalization Grant.     . 

The HOPE VI Homeownership Program is especially designed for low-income families who prefer home ownership over renting.  The program provides a zero interest, 100% forgivable second mortgage loan to qualified home buyers. Program eligibility is based on income and household size, along with other criteria.  Prospective home buyers must secure a first mortgage from a reputable lender and complete an agency-approved home buyer training program.  Credit counseling services are also available, as needed. 

To check out the homes for sale along with location, pricing and floor plans please click here.  

For a copy of the HOPE VI Homeownership  Program Summary Sheet and Eligibility Requirements please click here.

For a Pre-Qualification Application please click here.

To see a Virtual Tour of the home on 216 East Robbins Street please click here.

For more information on how you can become a HOPE VI Homeowner, please contact Chris Bradburn at (859) 655-7306.


Teen Summer Work Program Offers Youth a Great Start

The Teen Summer Work Program (TSWP) is one of the Housing Authority’s most popular programs.  It started in 2009 for youth ages 16-20 who wanted help getting a summer job.  Now fast forward to 2016 …. We are proud to say the TSWP has successfully helped more than 100 youth get their first job!

We recently heard from a young lady who called to let us know she was awarded a $138,000 National Science Foundation Fellowship grant for her doctoral level research in nuclear physics. She is interested in the science behind high-precision measurements and wants to work on designing and building scientific instruments in national laboratories.

Danielle has always been a very special young woman.  A hard worker with a sharp mind, Danielle set many goals for herself starting even before high school.  She loved math and science and worked very hard in both subjects.  Then, in 2010, as a high school student, she applied to the TSWP.  She spent the next two summers working for the Housing Authority of Covington.  Danielle worked on data entry, flyers and newsletters, and other clerical duties.   She sharpened her skills with Microsoft Office and other software programs.  She also assisted with many resident programs and events. 

“The Teen Summer Work Program was an invaluable experience for my early work career,” Danielle says. “Not only did I earn my first paycheck, but I learned a lot of useful skills that they don’t teach you in school. Workplace etiquette, practice interviewing for a job, and how to network with future employers—these skills came in handy when I applied to college and my next job!”

After high school graduation, Danielle went on to Berea College on scholarship, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in physics. She then married and started her Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky.  In between, Danielle has traveled to Paris, France for a study abroad program and spent a summer at the University of Colorado at Boulder working on a physics research project.  She said she called to let us know how she is doing because she credits the TSWP, in part, for giving her a great start!

A Success Story
The Housing Authority of Covington has been recognized by NAHRO for our contributions to raising national awareness of the need for and importance of safe, quality, affordable housing through education, advocacy, and empowerment.

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